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Tomatoes and Life – Simple is Best

I love food.  I love to cook.  I love to research new dishes to make, better ways to make the ones I already make.  I pour over cookbooks and on-line recipes adding to my collection.  I spend a ton of time planning a weekly menu and waiting with baited breath …

Sorry basil! It was for a good cause.

The Power of Pesto

I had a very long day.  It began at 5:45am.  I walked the doggies very early because a certain dog required a vet visit.  G-dog decided to freak us out by having a lump under her right armpit.  (Dogs have armpits, right?)  She’s fine.  It’s a fatty tumor which if …


My Life In Food

Before I start the timer on SOC Sunday a la All Things Fadra let’s just say this is probably not the best day to discuss my life story as suggested by the writing prompt.  My thighs are killing me from the trail ride I did on Saturday morning, my tummy …


Hey! I Made this All By Myself!

If you are new to my blog I must warn you.  I am passionate about food.  It is a love/hate relationship at times.  My clothing suffers from stretching.  I spend a good deal of my paycheck on food and food related items.  I am sometimes referred to as a food …