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SOC Sunday


SOC: Sunday Anticipation

Thank you for SOC Sunday.  I have been avoiding posting because the most interesting thing that has happened to me this week was I installed a bird feeder and the birds are not flocking to it. (UPDATE: Now they are!) Anticipation is the prompt for today.  I was going to …


The Challenge

Yay!  Stream of Consciousness has been moved to Jana’s Thinking Place! Here’s the deal, you write for 5 minutes, with timer.  No editing, no nothing.  A prompt is presented but you do not necessarily need to follow it, just go with the free flowing mind you have.  Today’s prompt: Write …


SOC Sunday: Crossing Paths

Sadly, Fadra at All Things Fadra has decided to discontinue her Stream of Consciousness Sunday so she can concentrate a bit more on the ideas she has for the future of her blog and writing in general.  I am sad to see it go but I might continue it here …


My Life In Food

Before I start the timer on SOC Sunday a la All Things Fadra let’s just say this is probably not the best day to discuss my life story as suggested by the writing prompt.  My thighs are killing me from the trail ride I did on Saturday morning, my tummy …