The Challenge

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Here’s the deal, you write for 5 minutes, with timer.  No editing, no nothing.  A prompt is presented but you do not necessarily need to follow it, just go with the free flowing mind you have.  Today’s prompt:

Write about a time that you were challenged.

Ready? Go!

I feel challenged every day.  Not really in the best way though.  There is a constant battle in my head about what I should accomplish that day, what I should or should not eat, whether I have done enough.  It is exhausting and I know I do it to myself.  This is not something someone has put upon me.  At work I am left to my own devices for the most part.  I am good at my job so I get it done very well.  I know this.  That is something that I usually do not worry about.  I mostly worry about the challenges that make me feel bad about myself; my weight, my social anxiety, my laziness.  These are things that haunt me.  A challenge should feel empowering at times.  To me it feels like I am starting from behind.  My belief system is such that I need to believe in myself first, then we’ll see about everything else.  I think that is the biggest challenge I face on a daily basis.


  • Tracy

    “My weight, my social anxiety, my laziness…” I totally hear you. The weight thing is especially irritating, as I’d managed to get to a pretty happy weight about a year ago only to start gaining again. I’m trying to give myself more of a break on the laziness thing. I think I’m really just trying to do more than is reasonable.

  • a.eye

    It is definitely a challenge to do things that we are not really good at or that we don’t have confidence that we can succeed in.   Wish I had some advice for you, but that is something I sometimes struggle with, too.

  • Jana Anthoine

    So glad you joined in and are excited for SOC Sunday to live on! This really made me think of the challenges that I face daily, too. Interesting when they become daily life but really they are challenges. Here’s to tomorrow :)