Connections to the Fourth of July

I love our neighborhood on patriotic holidays.  People decorate with flags and bunting.  The is usually a small parade with firemen, kids and the like in the megalopolis that is our town.  As I was walking the dogs this morning, I was thinking about  how lucky I am to have grown up a mere 20 minutes where our country was essentially born.  I can see the Liberty Bell, Independence Mall and numerous battlefields anytime I want.  It’s something I think I have taken for granted a little but it is comforting to know those places are so close.

As I walked this morning I saw the usual decorations and I also saw the results of neighbors out late, taking advantage of the following day being a holiday.  As I rounded the corner I saw a couple guys getting a car ready for the big parade.  It was decorated with bunting and a nice sign that said “Support Our Troops!”.  The car was not just any car but an old war Jeep with what looks like an old rocket launcher attached.  It is usually a fixture of sorts in the parade.  What struck me was not the fact that it was a wonderful relic of wars past, reminding us to be thankful for those who help keep our liberty safe…

It was the fact that the driver was wearing a clown costume that kinda threw me off.  WHA?

  • Abby

    Clowns are just extremely creepy in general, so I think that would have ruined the mood for me as well. However, I do appreciate the sentiment from the rest of this post and admit that I often take things like our freedom for granted, simply because it’s been handed to me by so many brave people before. Even though this sounds morbid, I love walking by the cemetery near the Fourth and Memorial Day to see all the flags on the graves. It gives you a sense of pride and appreciation–minus the clowns.

  • arieloser

    Lol… What the hell??