Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda Gone to BlogHer

It has been a few weeks since I blogged and it was for a number of reasons and unfortunately not one of those reasons were good.  I seem to have lost the ability to focus on one thing and run with it.  It’s like I developed ADD as an adult or something.  Take right now – this very moment I am writing this and also planning dinner, wondering if I need to shower before running to the grocery store and trying to find the time to scrub the kitchen – all in my head.  Not only that, my brain is going into overload because I made the mistake of reading about Romney’s VP candidate choice.  I think I shuddered the entire time I read the article.  I mean, Santorum likes the guy.  That is B A D.

Another reason I was ‘off’ was because I was a little depressed.  I kept seeing all the fun through FB posts and tweets that everyone was having at BlogHer 2012 and I smacked myself in the head multiple times for not going as well as stopped even getting on Twitter.  I cut myself off from the social media world.  At times if felt good but then also, I would feel tremendous guilt at not posting.  The thing was I did not feel guilty for not posting for others (let’s face it, I don’t have a huge draw at the moment) but I felt guilty that I was letting that part of my brain atrophy.  That is really what it felt like.

So I am writing today although it feels more like rambling.  It is kinda like when you get back into your exercise routine, you need to do SOMETHING before you lose all you have worked for.  See – ending a sentence in a preposition.  I need to get back into writing mode.  Also, need to start exercising again, eek.

Also, here is a random pic of some Queen Anne’s Lace I took while on vacation.  It is a fave of mine and it never grows this well in my neck of the woods/nape of the way.

  • Rach @

    Maybe next year we’ll go together :o)

  • momtaxijulie

    I was popping over from my feedly feed to comment on the tomato post but I don’t see it here? Anyhow, love the post! You’re writing is fantastic!

    • Scargosun

      Aw thanks! Not sure why the tomato one isn’t showing up for you. It isn’t showing up on my iPhone but it is when I check my PC.