My Life In Food

Before I start the timer on SOC Sunday a la All Things Fadra let’s just say this is probably not the best day to discuss my life story as suggested by the writing prompt.  My thighs are killing me from the trail ride I did on Saturday morning, my tummy is protruding like a redneck tailgating at NASCAR (no offense if you are a fan because even if you are you KNOW what I am talking about) from trying to consume the massive amount of alcohol in our fridge left over from an event this week as well as the evil white bread rolls that accompanied my hot dog.  So, I am not feeling so great about myself.  That being said, I instead tried to think of a theme to base my life story on and run with it that way.  I came up with this -

Food.  Five minutes and GO!

A life story is hard to tell when you are not at what you might consider your peak.  If you are low you will think of all the crap that got you to that low point.  Since I am struggling with the scale, food is what got me to this point but I refuse to look at it in a negative light.  When I look back on learning how to cook I see the people that taught me what to do and how to do it and what not to do.  All of them make me smile.  From the ridiculous incident involving an experiment with fried bologna and bread crumbs at age ten to learning the perfection of mushrooms that were sauteed correctly so they were bursting with flavor rather than sitting in their own juices in college to learning the simplicity of mozzarella and tomato and basil and pesto on baguette more recently – they all have a place in my timeline.  Instead of awards, I have food accomplishments.  What I love best about them is not just how they taste but how I can share them with the people I truly care about.  My life story is in food, in the best possible way.

  • Marilyn

    All of my memories it seems revolve around food and to all the people in my life I can associate a food. My dad and his lucky charms meatloaf, my moms cottage cheese pancakes, my grammies macaroni and cheese, my best friend and her mexican lasagna… I think you just inspired my next blog post!