The Power of Pesto

I had a very long day.  It began at 5:45am.  I walked the doggies very early because a certain dog required a vet visit.  G-dog decided to freak us out by having a lump under her right armpit.  (Dogs have armpits, right?)  She’s fine.  It’s a fatty tumor which if you have a lab or lab mix you know this is par for the course when they get around 8 years old.  I also have a lovely headache due to the mistake martins I had at our local bar.  Hey they seemed like a good idea at the time.  Not so much this morning when the alarm went off…

Work was work.  Neanderthal Co-Worker was loud today.  He also repeatedly asked our other office mate to rub his hamstrings because they hurt SOOOOOOO bad…while also insisting that because neither of them was gay that it was ok to do.  When I say repeatedly, I mean every five minutes.  So, that plus the on line training I had to do with the WORST voice over person in the world made it a trying day to say the least.

I was so tired driving home I actually tried to think of excuses to get out of cooking dinner… and I like cooking!  I powered through and made it to the kitchen, yoga pant clad, free of binding office clothing, ready to go.  I went outside and took some aggression out on my basil plants and chopped up the insane amount of garlic scapes I had accumulated.  Then, something happened.  The smell of the basil and the chopped garlic scapes completely energized me.  Sun streamed in the window the way it does in the evening and a gentle breeze washed over me.  I let the food processor do the heavy lifting and watched the gorgeous green color move in waves as the blades did their work.  My headache began to lift, the pasta bubbled away and the sauteed zucchini and onions sizzled with the garlic and olive oil.  I was happy.

Sorry basil! It was for a good cause.

I took my bowl of pasta and veggies and sat in the last bit of sun heating up the patio and sighed a happy sigh of relief and relaxation.  The only thing that would have made it better was a glass of wine…my martini head said no.

My headache actually stayed gone just until my husband joined me outside and used odd words to calculate whether or not I would be…ahem…visiting Aunt Flo on our upcoming vacation…you know…because he knows my body better than me.  Oh well, 20 minutes of bliss is better than none at all.

Lunch to make coworkers jealous…ha ha ha (evil laugh)

  • Abby

    I am a firm believer that you could put pesto on a shingle and it would taste delicious. Although I’m not a fan of frozen food, I do occasionally eat Amy’s Organics frozen meals simply because a) they’re delicious and easy and b) they include a Pesto Tortellini and Pesto pizza that I would sell my mother for.

    In other words, I dig your pesto creations ;)

    • Scargosun

       I too would kill people for the Amy’s Pesto pizza but I prefer not to say who lest they start carrying knives. ;)