Exhausted and Something that Freaks Me Out

I have been a wee bit MIA this week. We had an event I put together for our clients at a really beautiful outdoor location. Problem was, it was 95 degrees on said date. Long story short, it went off without a hitch and was absolutely wonderful…and no one died or passed out.
I am wiped. I just caught up on all my blog reading (all 150 posts) and I was hoping to write a decent post this evening. Instead I am going to tell you about something that freaks me out.


They are just fine if you are watching them from Earth but they completely and totally freak me out when I am in a plane. I look at them. I see how fluffy they are and how it really does seem like you could lay and snuggle in them and fall fast asleep.  It is a very comforting thought. The problem is, the other half of my brain kicks in. I have visions of me jumping out of the plane onto the soft cloud THEN PLUMMETING THROUGH IT. Cloud vapor follows me, cartoon-like as I careen out the bottom of what was supposed to be my snuggley cloud-bed. I fall faster and faster, screaming, mouth wide open, flapping like a British Carshow TV Personality Driving an Atom.

I am not joking. I have this vision every time I am in a plane, some times many times if it is a long flight…and we are traveling over a canyon of some sort. I visibly shudder and try to wish my floatation device into parachute.

I hope you enjoyed that little slice of my psyche. Feel free to sit far away from me on a plane. I completely understand.  Sorry if I have provided you with a new fear.  It was really not my intention.

  • http://www.abbyhasissues.com/ Abby

    First of all, the heat was absolutely ridiculous this past week.
    Second, that is why I have never used a Google reader.
    Third, yes on the clouds! Every time I fly I have the same thoughts–that they look so dreamlike and comforting at first glance, but then they start to fade into the whispy things and I realize they’re actually just filled with environmental crap and I would sail right through. We would be great seat partners…

    • http://www.scargosun.com/ Scargosun

       I really just thought I was a total freak about them considering even kids know they are just flipping air.  Plan our trip. :)