Hey! I Made this All By Myself!

If you are new to my blog I must warn you.  I am passionate about food.  It is a love/hate relationship at times.  My clothing suffers from stretching.  I spend a good deal of my paycheck on food and food related items.  I am sometimes referred to as a food n*zi(which I am not comfortable with really) because I am all for local, organic, non-GMO, non-CAFO foods.  However, it makes me happy to make a meal for myself or people I love and know that I have put that love into what I have made.

Tonight I did something that I have not been able to do as a cook until now.

I made my own recipe and it tasted AWESOME!  I think I may have giggled when I tasted it the final time and realized that it was ready and it was GOOD!  I also jumped up and down and clapped my hands like a little

I have tried to make things up in the past and they were never ‘bad’ but not what I am used to making from a recipe with just a tiny bit of tweeking.  I can rock the hell out of a recipe and then adjust it in the future to make it even better.  No, tonight I actually used what I have LEARNED from all those recipes/books/cooking shows and went with it. I even went a step further and made an entire vegetarian meal.  By ‘entire’ I mean a main and a side but still.

Was it simple?  Yes.  Those are my favorite kind though b/c I can repeat them easily.  Was it healthy?  Reasonably.  I actually think I cut way down on the olive oil that I could have used.  I topped with some parm but not a crazy amount.  The rest, escarole, cannelloni beans, fresh tomatoes, salt, pepper, red pepper was all stuff I had on hand.  Not to mention the cauliflower that I had to roast.  Even the timing seemed to come together perfectly.  Add some wine and BOOM!  Perfect meal!  Here is the evidence.

I actually am NOT one of those people that can take pics of their meals b/c I always eat it before I remember to take the pic.  This is what you get.

So, this might not be a groundbreaking post but it made me very happy this evening so of course I had to write about it.

Also…seeing my last post continue to pop up on people with comment luv was depressing the hell out of me.


  • http://www.abbyhasissues.com/ Abby

    I’m also a 90 percent vegan natural food freak, so I will fly my freaky food flag high! But my cooking is simple and repetitive ans usually never involves more than five or six ingredients. Other people think it’s boring. I think it’s whole and delicious and it’s become my way of life.

    With that said, I’m so impressed with your creation! You deserve to clap and jump up and down ;)

  • http://snootyprimadona.blogspot.com/ Liz C.

    Bravo! It looks as if it must have been delicioso! The hubby & I are finally down to eating meat maybe 2 times per month, which is a huge change from the major carnivores that we used to be. The older we get, the more we realize that the vegan lifestyle just makes sense…