They Kill Dogs Don’t They?

I think this is what it feels like when your blood actually boils.

There are a few things that get me to this point.

- The trampling of my rights as a woman
- Animal abuse

There is a dog in Northern Ireland.  He has been imprisoned for two years.  Taken from his family.  Taken from the little girl he served as a companion dog for.  Taken from his warm bed to sleep in filthy straw and concrete.


He looks like a pit bull.  He didn’t bite or attack anyone or anything.  He just looks like he might be dangerous.

It gets better.

Not only did they want to kill him but there were offers from below the boarder and other countries, including the US, to take this dog to an area where Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) does not exist.

No, they still just wanted to kill him.  They would not allow him to be transported elsewhere to others who would love and care for him.

His family has fought for two years to halt this execution.  Today, the high court decided to ignore expert animal behaviorists and studies that show that BSL does not work.  They still decided he should die.

Imagine your pet being taken from you.  No matter the breed.  Just because they look like maybe they will bite someone.

Now imagine your child having to deal with that.  Crying because their friend is gone.

Now imagine that they kill this pet and you weren’t even allowed to say goodbye.


The people on the City Council of Belfast, Northern Ireland are quite possibly some of the worst people on earth.  I realize some people might think that is going too far but consider this.

1.  They had two years to soften their position to at least let the dog live outside their country.
2.  They kept a pet in a dirty concrete cell when it he had a loving family.

When an exotic animal is found, illegal to be kept, is it killed?  No, a sanctuary/zoo/any alternate is usually found.  All these people wanted to do was flex their power and kill an innocent animal.  People like that do not deserve to have any power over others at all.  Think of the additional harm they could do, just because they feel they can….as an individual or as a politician.

I can’t continue.  I am too upset.

I will tell you…if anyone feels the need to comment and say anything bad about pit bulls, I am warning you that this one below is my baby and I would defend him to the ends of the earth.  I would usually not ask someone to refrain from commenting but in this case, unless you are offering support, I do not want to hear it.

  • Abby

    Call me crass, call me whatever you want–I’ve heard it before–but I get a million and 12 times more upset about anything dealing with animals than I do with those that involve people. Any abuse absolutely infuriates me to the point of violence, which I realize is counterproductive (and usually reined in.) I’ve grown up with an animal lover, all our pets have been rescues, my book profits went to the Humane Society and I will always support them in any way I can.

    People who have no regard for the life of an animal should be taken out and shot or forced to endure the torture they inflict on the animal. I’m sorry. No excuse.

    • Scargosun

       It is stunning.  You know those asses actually suggest THEY are the ones being abused becuase of the protesting?  Lennox has lost sight in one eye and he has also lost a ton of fur as a result of the conditions he has been kept.