Where Do You Find Cozy?


That is what I am at this very moment.  I am sitting in one of my Lottery Yarn acquired leather chairs.  I am full from amazing Thai food.  I have on soft heather gray pj’s and a fleece robe (it’s a little chilly here tonight).  I dimmed the lights in the room and I am about to brew some tea.  What made this moment all the more warm and fuzzy was when this face decided to come looking for me and then proceeded to take her place at one of the beds in the room, just to be near me.

I heard her click clack across the living room floor, check the kitchen, turn around and then come into this room.  She saw my head above the chair and walked up to me, gave me a kiss and laid in her bed behind my chair.

You have to understand, our G-Dog is not the cuddliest of dogs.  She is a bit more like a teenage girl.  She loves you but does not always show it.  She’ll cuddle a little but when she’s had enough, she’ll flounce off to another part of the house to hang out on her own.  She does get concerned when she is not sure where you might be.  She also senses when you might need a dog near by, like resting the head on your foot.  She looks into your eyes for understanding and you can tell when you soften your eyes, she relaxes.  It makes me happy to see her see the love I have for her in my eyes reflected back in her own.

Anyone who says dogs don’t feel or have a soul has not had the pleasure of having one for a true companion.

  • http://decortoadore.blogspot.com/ Laura Ingalls Gunn

    Yes to all of the above that you find cozy. Thai food. Yum!

  • http://www.abbyhasissues.com/ Abby

    Anyone who says dogs don’t feel or have a soul can go fly a kite, as they obviously don’t feel or have a soul. Sorry. I get defensive about my animals ;)

    Anyway, I’m currently reading this post on my couch with a cup of tea and my cat purring away like a hairy gremlin. Minus the hair, that is my cozy. I love my couch and my house and my tea, and every night I look forward to it. Some say boring. I say perfect.