SOC Sunday: High School Years; Regrets, Joy, What?

I am trying something a little new.  It’s call Stream of Consciousness Sunday a la Fadra at All Things Fadra.  Essentially she suggests a prompt and you run with it for 5 minutes, timed – no editing, no spell checking.  This should be interesting considering my as of late dyslexic leanings.  No I have not started timing yet.


It is strange that I am able to look at my college years with more of a smile lately than my high school ones.  I had amazing friends and pretty much had a great childhood but I do have several regrets about that time.  The first is I wish I had studied harder and in doing that, realized a better choice for my major in college.  It took me a really long time to realize that I should not have chosen something I love as a major.  It became something that I had to trudge through.  Secondly, I wish that I had spent less time on worrying about boys.  Seriously, I do.  What made me think that I was going to find the love of my life at that age?  Lastly, I wish I had participated in some sort of sport.  I was so scared to try something new that when soccer fell through because I loathed the coach, I had nothing to fall back on.  I really, really regret that…every time I have weight to lose especially.

So I guess it is easier to come to grips with a version of yourself that you are closer to/  Maybe it’s age maybe it’s because you are closer to that person you have become.  Whatever it is, it seems that looking forward is better.

Times up

Ok, so I did not do well on the no editing but it is hard to justify no editing when you have this crappy touch pad on your laptop with a mind of it’s own.  Not to mention the WP delay in typing.

  • a.eye

    “maybe it’s because you are closer to that person you have become.”  Perhaps that is right for me, too.  I didn’t think hs was bad, but I feel that my 20s were much better for me.  Perhaps because I was more of who I am today.

    Stopping through from SOC Sunday.

  • Snooty

    Don’t think that if you had further pursued soccer, you’d be thinner now. Our daughter played varsity & club all through middle & high school. She still struggles with her weight, especially being in law school & working now. I always feel badly that she got my fat genes. She played intramural in college, when she lived in Hollyweird and, she still plays on a soccer team for young adults as well as working out at the gym! I’m beginning to think that the Raw Vegan Diet is the only way to go, although I haven’t tried it yet.

    We all wish we hadn’t wasted so much time on boys, LOL! Frankly, most of them don’t lose the arrogance until their 40′s & 50′s.Definitely makes me see why Gloria Steinem waited until her 60′s to get married…

    Anyway, I thought this was a great post for having been timed. Jeez. Not certain I have that kind of discipline… even at my age.

  • FadraN

    How can you wish you had done things differently when you were at the age to not know better? If you hadn’t gone through all the regrets, I promise you would not be the person you are today!