Writers Workshop: Letters to Somebodies That I Used to Know

I feel like this has been done before. I wrote a post called “Somebody That I Used to Know” about myself and now Mama Kat has gone and suggested writing a post TO “Somebody That I Used to Know.” I really don’t want to pass it up because I could totally go all Alanis Morissette on a few people’s asses. I say asses but I really meant Alanis in that song where she wrote short letters to former boyfriends and it was very sweet for the most part, I would only go all “You Oughtta Know” on one person.

So in the spirit of Alanis (who by the way I was going to name my first girl after, when I was still thinking of having kids because it is a cool name and it also would have been an homage to my Dad, Alan) I am going to write a few short blurbs to Somebodies I Used to Know:

Dear Somebody That I Hurt: I did not realize at the time that I was not supposed to find the love of my life in High School. Most people don’t. When I found someone new when I went away, I didn’t know how to tell you so I ended up hurting you instead. When I ran into you many years later in REI and gave you a hug. I felt like such a jerk afterwards considering that the last time we spoke was over the phone, 600 miles apart at the very end of our relationship. I am sorry for that.

Dear Somebody That Defended Our Country: We didn’t work out and we parted on decent terms.  What I really want you to know is that I am proud to have known someone who was defending our country. We lost touch and I still hope that you are out there and doing well.

Dear Somebody That Taught Me To Get My Redneck On: Thank you for giving me one of the most fun and carefree summers of my life. I learned I didn’t need a lot to have a really good time; 4-wheelin’, innertubin’ in a pond, canoeing. You taught me to yard sale! You had a good, fun-loving heart and I will always remember that.

Dear Somebody That Taught Me the Hard Way: It took a long time but I realized that it never would have worked between us. We were together a long time but, I needed more, deserved more than I got from you. I always thought your love was more important than mine, more valuable. That never would have worked in the long run. I do hope you are happy and hear that you are.

Dear Somebody That Taught Me I Deserved More: If you had not taught me that I probably would not be here today. We did not end up together and I need you to know that the reason is that you deserved more than I had to give at the time. Please find it because it is out there for you.

Dear Jerk: You are a jerk and there is no redemption for you out there. Seriously, nothing more needs to be said. This particular grudge will never, ever go away.  All I learned from you was how to duck.

So there you have it.  Those are all to a few Somebodies That I Used to Know.  I seriously doubt any one of them will read this so It was not difficult to do.  If they did, they would know who they were.  Only the jerk would get himself confused with another person on here and I am not entirely sure he is very literate.

There are probably more out there I could have mentioned but this post has gone on pretty long and I have a hot cup of tea waiting for me.  I figure that tonight I am going to most likely be visited by boyfriends past in my dreams so a good dose of Sleepytime should keep me from talking too much in my sleep….you know, since I sleep next the the Wonderful Person I Know Now.

*Friends – feel free to try to connect the letters with the names and email me with it.  There might be a prize. ;)

  • Jenny

    I think we all have a list of “Somebodies,” gosh my list would be long, if I really sat down and gave it some thought. Thank you for the chuckle.

    Stopping by via Mama Kats, have a great weekend.

    • http://www.scargosun.com/ Scargosun

       Oh you mean THAT list!  I think I always hypothetical letters in the back of my mind to this group.  This just made it so putting it out there was not the act of a crazy woman.

  • Ginger@NJAMT

    Ohhh….I wish I could play along…LOL!

    My best GUESS is the Dear Jerk guy is someone named Brad, Darren, Kevin….those are jerky names in my world… :)

    • scargosun

       LOL!  There is a Brad in there but not The Jerk.  Good guesses though.  I was going to visit your site but it didn’t come up. :(

  • http://www.ineedaplaydate.com/ Mary Johnson

    This is a great list of sombodies and I may plagiarize “Dear Jerk: You are a jerk and there is no redemption for you out there.
    Seriously, nothing more needs to be said. This particular grudge will
    never, ever go away.  All I learned from you was how to duck.”   

    • http://www.scargosun.com/ Scargosun

       I wish I could have been more creative with that one but he really didn’t deserve much energy,

  • Life with Kaishon

    It sounds like you have had a wealth of relationship experiences : ) Very funny stories. Isn’t it crazy to look back on our lives. Absolutely crazy.

  • take2mommy

    Great letters! I think the guy who helped you get your Redneck on sounds really fun :)

    • http://www.scargosun.com/ Scargosun

       He was fun.  I realize probably too much for long term when he told me once he had to get off the phone to plan a keg party…

  • take2mommy

    Also, I LOVE the quote by Dinesen at the top of your blog!

  • mamakatslosinit

    This is actually very thoughtful! Some might expect a lot more resentment in a letter to exes, but you seem like you learned a lot from these people…both good and bad. I would love to read what kind of messages they would have for you if they were responding to this same prompt! 

    • http://www.scargosun.com/ Scargosun

       I just started thinking about what they would say…and shuddered. ;)   Might be a good idea for a post someday.  Did you ever watch Northern Exposure?  One of the characters did what I did and then got a fever and hallucinated all the ex’s berating her for her letters.  I am not so sure it would not turn out exactly like that.

  • http://carol-birdsofafeather.blogspot.com/ Carol

    As I read each letter, I could visualize “someone I used to know” in each case.  Very thought-provoking!

  • http://www.abbyhasissues.com/ Abby

    I loved this, mostly because I know I’m not one of the people you mentioned. I haven’t had long enough to piss you off yet.

    Anyway, you got me thinking, which I try not to do this time of night when I’m curled up on the couch with my cup of Sleepytime tea hoping I won’t have a stupid dream about Somebody I Used to Know now that they popped back in my brain.

    • http://www.scargosun.com/ Scargosun

       Yeah…sorry about that.  I was able to keep the ghosts of boyfriends past at bay with tea that has a sleepy bear on the box.  It must mean something.