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Are You Happy?

Jenna over at Eat, Live, Run asked this simple question today. To be honest I might not have answered it if there had not been a contest involved. Why? I am not usually a very optimistic person. I often look for hurdles and stuff that has to be done rather …

Little Things: Raisin Bread Toast

I bought some raisin bread at the West Chester Growers Market last week from Big Sky Bread Company. Mom and I split it and I have had it in the fridge all week. This morning I had a craving for it so I took out 2 slices (oooo! has some …

Things I Love

The new “Add to Wish List” button from Amazon. You can add stuff from any website (including Etsy, my bloggy artistic friends) to your Amazon wish list. This is like a flippin’ dream come true for me.

MacGyver Moment

So the receptionist asked if I could log the mail in today b/c she was having car issues. Of course I said yes, there’s a $20 in it for me when I do. So the mail was really late today. I went downstairs about 3 times, waiting for the mailperson …