Top 10 Things I Stressed Over for Christmas this Year (seriously)

10. Will G-dog try to eat the glass ball ornaments?
9. Will G-dog drink all the water from the tree?
8. Does that ribbon match that paper?
7. Does that tag match the ribbon and the paper?
6. Will person1 notice that their gift has no ribbon but person2 has elaborate ribbon?
5. Do I need to get a gift for that person?
4. How do I wrap a gift card?
3. How will I remain awake at work after not getting home till 1am from Lottery Yarn?
2. Is there enough cheese for the cheese plate?
1. Is there enough wine, period?

Turns out there was enough wine and cheese and I have the pants to prove it.

  • Hullaballoo

    Well done you for being so organised. Sounds like everyone had a good time.My jeans have got smaller over the last few weeks, so I have just gone and bought myself a bigger pair to accommodate the cheese and wine.

  • Amy

    I never stress over packaging…stick it in a gift bag and it’s all good to go :)

  • Jen

    such silly things we worry about.

  • Mama Dawg

    My dog, for some reason, took no interest in the tree. Go figure. Glad there was enough wine.

  • Nina

    I am thrilled with getting the paper on the packages, for get the bows and tags. I was smart this year and rapped with certain paper for each person so I new who got what.

  • Sidney (Sixy Mama)

    Wine would’ve been my first stress…yes ma’am, it would….Hope you had a great Christmas!!

  • Los

    The last questions seemed to be the most important one ….

  • Lula!

    OK, I could’ve written this list. Except for the Lottery Yarn part. But the rest? Yes, we clearly share a brain when it comes to wrapping paper, animals eating ornaments, cheese, and wine. And Tim Curry.Amen.

  • stephanie (bad mom)

    Tell me how you were allowed to be at <>Lottery Yarn<> until 1am?? Not that I should ever be there that long…I’m glad everything worked out [assuming the Persons didn't freak about the ribbon?].Happy new year :D

  • BS5 Blogger

    Nice proof…..maybe!Eek!

  • Andy

    Wow, you worried about those things? You are far more considerate than I am. I basically went with, “Everyone has a present. I’m set.”

  • Suburbia

    Glad it all went well in the end.Happy New Year!

  • Rick

    Hey! My annual giveaway is on. Be sure to come over for a chance to win one of my caricatures.

  • Femin Susan

    Hi……… Absolutely fantastic post! Good job!Great! Keep postingGood week……… ” A Happy New Year”

  • Kristen Andrews

    I know why do we worry so much! Wow you now have 3 necklaces from my lil shop, I am glad you like # 3!!! Happy Holidays and Cheers to you!

  • ~Sheila~

    That’s a lot. I mainly stressed over patients and rescheduling them so that I could have Xmas and Friday off along with the weekend.It worked. I did.

  • EmBee

    I find that most folks don’t give a damn about the ribbon I worked so painstakingly to look perfect. :-)

  • Nanny Goats In Panties

    I’m so glad you pointed me to this post – awesome! Makes me feel like I’m not alone. Thank you for sharing this with the rest of us “over-thinkers”.Hope your New Year holiday wasn’t as stressful!

  • L.R. M-J

    That’s the spirit…jogging pants are the best after Xmas bottoms…haaaa.Happy New Year Chica.hugs,me