Frightened for My Life

Target 2 days before Christmas will do that to you. Today I walked out of Target and SPECIFICALLY used the crosswalk to get to the parking lot because I didn’t want to step in front of any car without imaginary protection. I was walking out, some people were walking in but when I got past the middle of the crosswalk, a lady on her cell phone HONKED AT ME. I stopped, because you know that probably just pissed her off more and just looked at her (ok, I probably had a nasty look on my face too). She had the audacity to stop her car in the middle of the crosswalk, roll down her window and give me what for.


I told her that it was a crosswalk and that in PA you STOP for pedestrians in the crosswalks AND there was a sign in the middle of said crosswalk telling you just that. She told me, “I know that!” Then I said, ‘Then why did you honk at me?!” She told me, “Shut the f*ck up and watch your mouth.”

I gave her a little airy, fairy wave and told her to just go away.

I was afraid she was going to follow me to my car though and to be honest, while I could have kicked her patootie, I am so tired with holiday stuff I probably would have let her pummel me into soup so I could make P wrap all the presents and I could get some rest.

  • Muffy Willowbrook

    People can be SO NASTY! Glad you’re okay tho. Hope you find some nicer peeps to hang with for the holidays!Merry Kissmuch!

  • Nina

    Tis the season for the pleasant one’s. LOL….I have had a week of fun filled shoppers and I have had enough. Have a Merry Christmas!!!

  • Kori

    Christmas really brings out the best in people. Sorry you had such an encounter. Merry Christmas.

  • Laura Ingalls Gunn

    I just don’t understand how people get so far away from the spirit we are supposed to be celebrating! Also, given that you live in PA, it is probably cold. I always am amazed when we will be having a monsoon (buckets of rain) and people in their cars will not stop to let my son and I cross so that we can get out of the rain. All I can say is that SOMEONE is getting a lump of coal in their stocking.

  • Mama Dawg

    You know, some people just oughta be shot in the ass with buckshot.

  • Judy Haley

    ahhh… the joy of the holiday season. there’s a grinch in every crowd, but I’m glad you’re ok

  • kccat

    Wow, Target huh? I would have expected that at Walmart! Although I seem to get that same problem at all crosswalks at all stores lately. People in cars seem to think they not only do they have the right away at crosswalks but also refuse to stop or even slow down when people are in the snow or even freezing rain while nice and warm in their cars. Ahh. People!

  • stephanie (bad mom)

    Dear Heaven. Sounds like you handled it pretty well; if I were there without my kids, I might have unleashed the Bad Dockworker Mom…Merry Christmas :D

  • Lula!

    Seriously…something similar happened to me just last night. At Target. Kid you not.My friend and I were walking out into the parking lot when this car full of teeny bops revs up the engine and and dares me to get in their way. I did. And in my most obnoxious manner I yelled out, “YIELD TO PEDESTRIANS, CHILDREN.”My friend was all, “They’re gonna kick our asses!” I said, “Whose ass? Not mine. I’ll take those skinny 17 year olds down.” Plus it was 14 degrees out, with a wind chill of 2. Too cold for a major confrontation.In my head, though, I was all badass and those faux blonde wannabes were quivering in their Uggs.

  • Amy

    Oh hell no! I hate it when someone acts the badass when they know they can run and get away from you.

  • Suburbia

    Holiday stress! What is the point?!!Merry Christmas Scargosun. Not long to go now!

  • Jen

    Wow, talk about the holiday spirit.

  • Honey Mommy

    Wow. Talk about holiday cheer!

  • asthmagirl

    It seems like there’s always one… I’m so glad you gave her the wave. Merry Christmas!

  • ~Sheila~

    Well, that’s nuts. I haven’t had anyone get that nasty to me in a long time. I think cause I did most of my shopping at the cheap places and a long time ago.

  • Los

    Nothing gets me in the Christmas mood more than angry Christmas shoppers.

  • Snooty Primadona

    Why is it that the biggest jerks always think they are in the right? It's like when some jerk cuts off my car, nearly causing me to wreck, THEY shoot ME the finger? I'll never understand people like that. At least you can have the satisfaction of knowing that she probably had a miserable Christmas, as well as making it miserable for everyone around her.Sometimes I think people who are that mean & nasty just need a hug and a smile. They must have something horrible going on in their lives. I can only hope that is the reason… ;-)

  • Margo

    Wow, that does not sound like fun :(

  • BS5 Blogger

    Patootie? GREAT word! Happy Christmas to you, Miss (Mrs!) America!BS5 x

  • Capricorn

    AYFKM!=are you fuckin kidding me.LMAO.That was the best part.


    eeeeeeeek. hope you had such a great holiday!! :)

  • Hullaballoo

    It is for occasions like this that the term ‘jobby head’ is extremely apt.Oh dear, at least she has to live with herself. Although she probably blames things on everyone else in order to feel good about herself.AYFKM LOL, very very funny. I must use that one. I am thinking of one of the funniest lines from the movie, ‘As Good as It Gets,’ “What kind of a street corner junkie are you? Go sell crazy somewhere else.”Hope you had a great Christmas anyway.xxxxxx

  • Sornie

    People like that are why other people slash tires.