Finally Saw…


I know. I am an idiot. I am not a movie person. That movie just raised so many emotions in me though. P thought that Vanessa was too controlling and that is why her husband (can’t remember his name) was the way he was. He didn’t see it. He didn’t see how Vanessa WAS the Mom. She was the Mom Juno never had and it clicked with her. That is why she still gave her the baby.
That movie and what it meant grabbed my ovaries and would not let go. I knew. I knew because I can be a mother. I get it. I get what it takes and maybe I am still not sure that I have what it takes, but I get it.

Update: I had some wine last night that may have led to this epiphany

  • GutsyWriter

    I have not seen it myself but have several friends with teenage daughters who have and loved it.

  • Sue

    Don’t worry, I haven’t seen it yet either! I am way behind on adult movies, but I have seen High School Musical 3!PS: you will be a great mom some day!

  • Emily

    I saw it as a little bit of your husband’s view, a little bit of his. He didn’t want to be in the relationship that she wanted and felt controlled by her; she wouldn’t feel fulfilled unless she had a child.Then again, it would probably be hard for me to totally see your point of view because the idea of having a child puts me in a panic spiral. :)

  • Los

    Never saw juno yet – but I definitely am interested. I like Michael Cera – and have ever since Arrested Development.

  • L.R. M-J

    Call me, I’ll bitch slap those ovaries for ‘ya ;o) We’re getting old me friend…that clock starts a tickin’ and it’s outta control!! I feel like a yoyo these days on that wagon–you have no idea what the country does to a person, like Juno on crack!! bisous. L

  • Live.Love.Eat

    Hmmmmm. I don’t think that was a spoiler. Probably just me though, it’s been awhile since I saw the movie. But you’re talking about Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner, right.

  • Andy

    I really enjoyed the movie, but I don’t recall it grabbing my ovaries.

  • J'Ollie Primitives

    I loved that movie for a number of reasons. Mostly the matter-of-fact way that Biological Mom KNEW that Adoptive Mom was the right one. Sorry, I should know their names…

  • Queen Mommy

    I saw it last night, I thought it was really good. Vanessa sure did need to loosen up!