Free Cleanse! or How I FINALLY Discovered My Writing Direction

juice-910x909I have been debating about trying a juice cleanse for awhile now.  I actually like the juices that are involved and I just thought my eating habits could use a reboot after the seemingly never ending winter.

Now I am not a huge proponent for these things.  I remember when my boss tried that crazy maple syrup, cayenne pepper crap and just thought it was silly and completely unhealthy.  People that do it for 10 days – crazy.  Absolutely nuts.  People that do it for weight loss – nope, misinformed.  I could probably handle a 3 day with some raw food tossed in the mix.

I did my research, looked at the pros and cons from people who had done them and physicians who were for and against.  I thought I had some great info and I was proud of myself for not just diving into whatever one seemed popular.  In the end though, it was decided for me what kind of cleanse I was going to do…

the noro-virus kind…

I am not going to go into detail about the particulars.  Suffice to say, I was cleaned out.

During my food aversion time period, I had time to think about my relationship with food.  I was starting to worry that it was defining me too much and that maybe I was falling into that rut of comfort eating/cooking.  It was very depressing for me to think that possibly something I love was causing me more harm than good.  To say that it was a low point was an understatement.

I started to force myself to eat things again.  I started slow, banana, yogurt, rice then I finally was able to eat a chicken sandwich.  As my appetite returned, the depression started to lift a bit.  Maybe, I thought, I just need to be more mindful about what I am eating.  That is when I started looking the bug as being a sort of forced cleanse.  My body could not fight the bug so it did what it needed to do without my permission.  I don’t want to feel that way again.  I needed to take more control.  I’d gotten a bit lax with my ‘food rules’ and they needed revisiting.  Then I realized, my love of food and cooking was not to ‘blame’ for the way I was feeling.  It was a SOLUTION.

So, that is finally when it hit me how I could define my blog.  It was always pretty meandering.  My life in food and cooking.  If there are posts about something other than food, I am going to tie in food and cooking in some way.  Why?  Food and cooking and all that goes with it makes me happy.  It is my hobby, it is my passion and I just need to be aware  of just how much passion I am eating.