Writers Workshop Thursday: Which Disney Princess Am I?

Just in case you are new to my blog, let me give you a little hint to the answer to the question above:

I am pretty crunchy – not armpit/leg hair hair crunchy, more like I shave that hair with a product not tested on or containing animal products.

I think that the animals we consume deserve our utmost respect while they are alive.  After all, they are giving their lives for ours.

I believe everything is connected in the universe and what you do has a direct effect on the future.

And the dead giveaway, my blog is partially named for a Native American named Scargo.

So of course you had to guess that my Disney Princess alter-ego is Pocahontas.

I was never a princess-y girl growing up.  I liked to play in the woods and build forts and climb trees.  You were more likely to find me looking for pretty rocks in a creek than in a jewelry store.  This is not to say that Pocahontas was a tom-boy, more like she was connected to the earth in a way that the other princesses were not.

When I was younger I was fascinated by the story of Scargo and her fishes.  There are different versions but this one I actually have in book form.  I wanted to be her and live on the Cape all the time.  Even as a child, I realized that it would have been a much different life, a harder life than what I had, but I still dreamed about it.

As I got older and became more aware of my beliefs about spirituality and how we need to treat each other and all the Earth provides with much more care than we are currently doing, I found a much deeper connection with the Native American princess I so wanted to be as a child.  The way and teachings of our Native Americans is what I believe the right path to be; close enough to the Earth to care for it and about it.

So that might be a long way from the simple question of which Disney princess I am but I think that it comes pretty close.  Before I started writing this I was not exactly sure where it was going to go but it turns out, it hit a lot closer to my soul than I intended.

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  • jenburiedwithchildren

    I have to say… I am not surprised by this at all. You are a total 
    Pocahontas. :-)

  • http://twitter.com/ascapecodturns Sue

    I agree. Totally Pocahontas. Now get up to the Cape and visit :)

  • Cam512

    No surprise Jen for me. You are so much like Pocahontas.