Martini’s and the Salad Bar…A Flexitarian’s Dinner

So, before my hiatus…that is what I am officially calling it now (“Just being lazy” doesn’t sound as cool) I was really getting into the whole food thing. I am still right there and although some rules I have relaxed a bit (I will buy bananas and clementines because I need them) there are others I have increased. I rarely eat red meat anymore. If I know there is an event where I will eat it (if my Aunt and Uncle, wonderful cooks that they are, prepare lamb on Easter, I am going to have a little), I prepare for it by eating veg as much as possible beforehand. Why? In my crazy head it balances out. I will not eat any type of meat at a restaurant (or at home) unless I know where it came from and what conditions are of that place it came from (grass fed beef, free range chicken, sustainable fish, etc). That is pretty easy considering the pro-local restaurants, farmers markets, etc. around here. It gets hard when you have very good friends that you have not hung out with in a long time and they want to go to a red meat Mecca. Do you know of what I speak? It is called the Brazilian Steakhouse.

Meat item after meat item is brought around to your tables. If your coaster is on the green side, they put meat on your plate until you turn it to the red side. It is CRAZY! I went to one for my brother’s birthday before I started making all these rules for myself and I couldn’t keep up then. Now, I am not sure what to do. I have been researching my options. I could just go for the salad bar which is ANYTHING but just salad. I could find out more about where the meat comes from but…at those prices…I am going to bet it is not a pretty pasture with lots of nice green grass and babbling brooks for the cows. My last option and it seems like a good one, eat before and drink my weight in martini’s. Ok, no, with my track record, not a good idea.

Hopefully, I’ll figure it out before we go. I’ll get good natured teasing about my eating habits from good friends whose company will more than make up for the fact that I will probably be eating from the salad bar…

…and possibly still drinking at least a small child’s weight in martini’s

…oh and dessert.

  • Mrs. Adventure

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my dresser tutorial featured today on remodelaholics blog! I have a couple other tutorials on my blog and I am working on more so stop by sometime!

  • Betsy, short for Elizabeth, formally known as Esther

    Call the restaurant and ask them before you go…you may be pleasantly surprised. At least here is hoping!

  • Sue

    Desserts safe. Go with that!!!

  • Susie from Bienvenue

    Now you have me craving olives…heehee

  • Hullaballoo

    Hey Scargosun, good to see you back and blogging. Thank you for reminding me of the importance of connections. I read your comment on Suburbia's blog and it stopped me from deleting my blog and helped me to find the energy to write about what I am actually feeling, instead of withdrawing and feeling sorry for myself.

  • Mj

    yes, welcome back and thanks for your recent comments on my blog. i'm very deficient in dog knowledge…if and when we take the plunge i may need to ask you questions etc. or at least frequent you blog and pick up a few tips. i really admire your having rescue must really know how to train them!!