Friday High School Flashback

I have a treasure. It is in a shoebox. I thought I lost this treasure long ago, actually around the time I started this blog. This box holds all the information that was so extremely important in high school that is was passed in interesting shapes; footballs and squares and triangles, a origami-like configuration if you will. They are high school notes. The notes you wrote in class with information that was much more important than whatever any teacher was saying. Words that needed to be said over life and death matters such as, who was riding with who to where, if you saw someone in the Plaza or the Court or if that guy that just broke your heart is showing any remorse what so ever.

Today’s first installment is from my good friend Pauline (Bean) to me (Zuppie). We are talking about a birthday party and I think prom shoes. I have erased a little bit and also I must tell you, those drawings at the bottom of the second page they are not what you think, they are SOCK PUPPETS. :) Click on the image to see the full size, no crazy viruses, don’t worry. This first one is a pretty tame one. Once I get the ok from the rest of my friends, there will be others that will make you laugh till you cry…or at least ask me what the inside jokes are about…like sock puppets.

Since this is the first time I am doing this. There might be a trial and error period. Bear with me.

  • Los

    I think notes are a dying “artform,” aren't they? Most kids probably just text now. Man, they are missing out!

  • Remodelaholic

    This totally makes me laugh! My notes in high school are totally hilarious, and rather embarrassing.

    I think this is awesome that you are posting this!

    By the way, just email me a link to your project when you are done, I am sure I would love to feature it… ( I can't find the roll desk, maybe I am blind!) Have a great day!

  • Kristen Andrews

    that is so funny, glad you are back blogging!

  • Kelley with Amy's Angels

    That is a riot!! I love finding old notes like that. I have one box full of stuff like that and love going through it now and again.

    And yes! I agree….what the heck was I thinking with those cake balls? Ugh. (though I heard they went over well. Thank Goodness!)

  • paige

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE looking through my old high school letters! Thanks for sharing and bringing it all back. My best friend in high school has the same handwriting as the person who wrote you this letter. :)