Dear Neighbors

Dear Neighbors,
Good morning! I hope you enjoyed that lovely weekend. I noticed several of you working hard on your curb appeal. Just beautiful. I have one favor to ask. I know we all want our lawn that perfect shade of rich green that really is not actually attainable in nature but being in the suburbs it is beaten into us that our lawn must be perfect at any cost. When you or your chemical company come to treat your lawn, is it possible that you keep the weed killing poison, scary genetically modified lawn food off the sidewalk? I mean, there is not grass ON the side walk and you are technically wasting all those chemicals when you could be using them in your backyard or something. For me, I don’t want my dogs walking on it and I don’t want it on the bottom of my shoes, being tracked into the house. I am pretty sure anyone with kids doesn’t want that either. You see, if you look on the bag of most brands of lawn treatment it tells you in bold letters that kids and pets should not be near it and that it is a poison of sorts.

So, I’ll make a deal with you. You stop spreading that crap on the sidewalk (I know this is possible because we have a spreader too, just use the guard on it) and I will continue to pick my dog’s crap off the curb side of your lawn. If you hold up your end of the bargain, great. If not G-dog and M-dog will be leaving presents for you that your lawn chemicals can do nothing about.

Have a wonderful day!

  • Nanny Goats In Panties

    Well that sounds like a fair deal to me. No poison, no poop. No poop, no poison.

  • Kristen Andrews

    I agree, so annoying can't we just use natural stuff! Hey guess what you won the $50 gift certificate from my site, Congratulations send me a email but first peek at my shop and see what goodies you would like!

  • paige

    That sounds like a good deal for them, to me. I hate it when people who don't have dogs (or kids) don't consider those who do.

  • honkeie2

    dont get me started on people that let their dogs crap on other peoples lawn. I once had it out this a guy who let his dog crap on my lawn. Pick it up or I will and leave it in your mail box!