Funk That!

I have been in a funk. It happens every year and every year I try to be more prepared but it always smacks me in the head. It’s not just the anniversary of my Dad’s death, it’s also the less sunlight. Did you know that the sun set here at 4:56pm yesterday?! That is insane. Poor G-dog can’t get the the dog park during the week anymore. I hate that. Also, I STILL don’t have my kitchen back so the cooking I do to make myself feel better…not going so well. I have about zero counter space right now.


I needed a clean slate. I needed to wake up in the morning, looking forward to the day and plow through it. I did that yesterday and it felt WONDERFUL! My brain started firing it’s synapses again and ideas for the holidays began to take shape. It was a relief. Just needed to post it and see it myself. Kinda like a reminder that things do come around. :)

  • Mama Dawg

    You and I both seemed to have had off days lately. Must be the season change as well as the time change. I’m still feeling a little funky but I’m slowly snapping out of it.

  • Mrs Parks

    Funk that Baby!Today is the big day, things could be looking very soon : )

  • Amy

    The first anniversary of my moms death is coming up and I know just how you feel. Not to mention this time change and holiday stuff thrown in our faces, and oh yeah what our nation faces with this election. Keep your chin up :D

  • Jen

    that is a great idea. funk that funk!

  • Andy

    I feel you on that one- I always have a tougher time feeling upbeat when it gets dark early.

  • kccat

    I like your fix to the problem. Sounds like a great idea.I hear ya on the anniversary thing. My mom passed away 3 years ago so I know what you are talking about. It sucks.As far as the darkness thing, I think everyone goes through that. Especially here in Ohio where its dark, crappy and cold. By February, everyone is crazy.Keep your chin up.

  • Muffy Willowbrook

    Great attitude! I’m sorry about your dad, the darkness and the dog park. But it sounds like you’ve identified what can make you blue, and do what you need to do to rise above it. good for you!When is your kitchen gonna be done??

  • Live.Love.Eat

    Sorry about your funk. I too have been in one for awhile and it’s for a more vain reason. I am doing too much cooking but not enough working out to offset the damage so it’s starting to affect me mentally. Sorry about your Dad and a little bit of the SAD you got, Seasonal Affective Disorder. I used to get more when I was in NY. Glad to hear you feel better though.


    hope you’re doing better!! i am sending some sun rays your way…

  • Caroline

    yip, positive reinforcement – I know that one. Definitely has something to do with season change!

  • Honey Mommy

    That is one of my least favorite things about winter besides the cold. It is SO DARK all the time. Guess I definitely couldn’t live in Alaska!

  • Kristen Andrews

    I don’t like day light savings time it is silly! I still don’t have all of my clocks changed

  • TSannie

    Here from Snooty – which I won’t read when it’s a post like today’s. Loved what you said. Succinct and to the point.Thank you!

  • asthmagirl

    So glad you’re back! I’ve been wondering…And yeah, dark at 5 pm blows for my little dogs too!

  • ~Sheila~

    The time change is messing up a lot of people. I’m waking up at 4am….just because. Eventually we will all adjust. I went to the dollar store for Xmas stuff. Huge Christmas gift bags were all 50 cents each. I loaded up.

  • Kat

    I am looking at the second anniversary of my dad’s death right after Thanksgiving. I understand the funk. I do think the less sunlight is a funk factor, too. For me and my girls!I can’t believe how far behind I am with my blog reading! And I am with you on the excitement about change :-)