Crackberry Friday: The Fam

Oddly enough, out of all these people, I am the only one in the US. BTW. They don’t know how to not look at a flash for a pic and the red eye fix was not doing any good.

I have had a headache for 2 days which is why I have not posted. Today while I was walking G-dog one of the neighbors said, ‘Isn’t it beautiful out?’ It took all my self-control to not say, ‘No, it’s f-ing fall and should not be going up to 74 degrees along with humidity, the pressure going up and down like an f-ing yo-yo squishing my brain into the frontal left side of my eye socket.’

I merely said, “Yes, it feels like spring.”
  • Mrs Parks

    I have quite a history with headaches so I’m sorry your suffering.Try two Tylenol and two Ibuprofin and LOTS of water.The most important part of this treatment is to stay AWAY from any irritating factors… co-workers, old people on line at the market and of course fellow travelers on the interstate.

  • L.R. M-J

    If you go to Picasa with photos like that, there’s actually a button that will fix the eyes!…That’s a great family pic btw…want me to send you our otc migraine med from France–has codeine in it…works every time for me!!..that’s right, you read that correctly, codeeeeeine ;)

  • Jen

    I know what you mean, this weather is killing me too.

  • Lula!

    I like what you said in your head better…but that’s just me. Hope you’re feeling better soon.Oh–and you need to see my post for today. Yep. You just do.

  • Kelley with Amy's Angels

    I hear ya! Every fall and every spring–under my right eyebrow. Hope you feel better!

  • kccat

    It’s been in the 70′s here all week. Bring on the ice and snow already.

  • TSannie

    Yeah the weather is bizarre – I do believe my nose is permanently stopped up

  • Cherlyn

    The weird weather affects my mom like that too. It only does me like that in the spring.

  • Kristen Andrews

    oh I hope your head feels better. I am w/ you I get wicked headaches and nothing gets rid of them

  • Tiffany

    Yea, we’re pushing EIGHTY degrees down here. My AC has been on for the last week. This is ree-dic-uuu-lus.

  • ~Sheila~

    Perhaps you actually come from a family of cats (hence the red eyes).Try some allergy meds to relieve the pressure in your head. Since the weather has changed, everyone in my house has been have problems with their sinuses. That could be the problem.

  • Sue

    Good trick on the red eye.Sorry you have a rager of a headache. It might be the allergy thing, mine have been out of control. Hang in there, it will be winter before you know it. Just look at South Dakota!

  • Nina

    I hope that headache has gone away. That is the worst feeling. I get them all the time from work. I am fine all day until it is time to go home and then the rest of the evening I enjoy the throbbing pain until I sleep it off for the next day. Then if I am lucky I end up doing it again.

  • Liz

    You’re the only one in the US? So how are you altogether in the photo? Oh, wait, you mean you’re the only one in the US now? Oh, it took me a long time to work that out. It must be bedtime.

  • Mama Dawg

    You’re so pretty!Sorry on the headache. It sucks to feel that way during the best season ever!

  • Candid Carrie

    I have migraines when there are significant barametric changes. I literally feel your pain. And for as kind hearted and well wishing the remedies are … well, frankly they just don’t work for everyone! I read that google had a program that would help with headaches. Alright, just kidding on that one. Feel better soon.

  • asthmagirl

    You should totally come read my Nov. 8th post. Really.

  • Rhea

    heehee You should have totally said that. The look on their face…The barometric pressure changes give me the WORST headaches. I’m sorry you had a two-day one. :o (I’m having lots of sinus pressure and extra mucus. It sucks. Yes, I said mucus.