Crackberry Friday: Farm Share Week 1

First, let me say, please check out my earlier post today for an explanation of my poem. I know there were a few of you that were interested.

Second, I promise that Crackberry Friday will not only be pics of veggies. I was just very excited this week for my fall farm share to begin that I had to take a pic of my haul. If you have been reading my blog, you know how much I love food and cooking.
This was my haul
7 Tomatoes grown by Green Valley Organics
1 head Boc Choi grown by Scarecrow Hill Organics
2 sweet dumpling squash grown by Hillside Organics
1 bag (1/2 lb) wildfire baby lettuce mix grown by Elm Tree Organics
1 bag (1/2 lb) arugula grown by Farmdale Organics
3 special zucchini (some of the ones I could choose from were round!)
1 celeriac
1 bunch Swiss chard (not in pic ’cause I ate it)
I have been looking up fall veggie recipes for 2 weeks in anticipation of my farm share beginning. I have heard mixed reviews of chard so I decided that since P had hockey and would not be eating with me, this was the night to give it a try. I found a recipe for sauteed chard with garlic, right up my alley. As I was preparing the chard, I found myself excited at the prospect of trying something brand new. I chopped up the stalks and then rolled up the leaves and cut them into 1/2 inch wide strips. The recipe didn’t call for it but I cooked the stalks too, just sauteing them longer than the leaves. I reheated my pasta and added the chard to it. I was in heaven! The chard was so good and the pesto pasta was perfect to round out the meal along with a bottle of red wine, of course. This was a excellent way to start my fall farm share. :) I am so excited to cook so many new things!

  • Mama Dawg

    My favorite fall veggie is the acorn squash. I have a simple recipe for it and no matter how else it’s prepared, it’s still my favorite.I cut it in half, scoop out the innards, poke the inside w/a fork a bazillion times, drop in a pat of real butter, add some brown sugar and bake til done. Yummmmmmmm…..

  • Cherlyn

    Your posts always make me hungry…

  • Kristen Andrews

    oh make some Zucchini bread!

  • Vernacular

    I am sorry to be unrelated. Well, not super-sorry. But perhaps a little. But I saw you on Black Hockey Jesus. And I saw that you had a life-changing book, which was short. Which seems right up my alley right now.Because I am being stingy with my time right now, I want to know how to prioritize reading this book for myself: please tell me whether to read this book now or to wait until this summer when I have more time.Also, you always leave thoughtful comments on MariaBird’s and BHJ’s sites.Good-bye, good luck, and good thank yous to you!

  • Sarah Mae

    You have an award from me waiting for you at my blog! :)

  • BS5 Blogger

    Hi! Sounds great. Cooking with new stuff, or to new recipes is always great fun, huh?

  • Lula!

    I wouldn’t care if all your Crackberry pics were of veggies…because this pic and post were SO GOOD!

  • Snooty Primadona

    Mmmmmm… I love Swiss Chard and it’s so easy to grow! How great that you have a farm share.Try some beets with the greens, steamed, then quickly sautee’d with a bit of butter. Add salt and pepper. It’s my very favorite. Beet greens taste almost exactly like spinach, only with a nuttier flavor.