Crackberry Friday: Evil Pumpkin

This is a mere 10 steps from my desk. It calls to me but no one else can hear. When you open it’s top, it is noisy so everyone can hear you.
The plastic spoon only holds 3 at a time and all can hear as you futilely try to get as many as possible on the spoon at once, the corn clicking against the cheap plastic and echoing in the glass. Until, finally in your desperate need for sugar (at about 2pm daily) you snatch it off the desk and pour the corn syrup and honey goodness into your hand (trying to avoid the ‘chocolate’ ones b/c they suck and trying to get the last pumpkin one) and run back to your desk where your tea and warm chair remind you that you are only human and THAT is an evil pumpkin.
  • Tami

    You are cracking me up! Shame on that evil pumpkin – lol!

  • Laura Ingalls Gunn

    I would have to banish that pumpkin. :)

  • sheila

    I have one of those, only it holds Hostess Cupcakes. Eat me….eeeat me!

  • BS5 Blogger

    Fascinating! What are they? Sort of M and M kinda things?

  • Cherlyn

    I would have stolen the evil pumpkin.Mmmmcandycorn

  • Live.Love.Eat

    I am SO glad I don’t do candy corn. Now, if that was filled with potato chips, well it wouldn’t be filled for very long.

  • Margo

    Oh, I love the pumpkins! Those are the best ones! Great post; it made me smile :)

  • Amy

    That reminds me I HAVE to get me some candy corn. Putting it on my list now :D

  • Kelley with Amy's Angels

    That’s why I can’t have anything like that on my desk or near by.Don’t get me started on the homemade toffee and caramels I made for my team at work. I think I ate my weight in toffee yesterday alone. Ugh.


    bad pumpkin! bad! :) thanks for the MSG thought by the way … i had thought about that before, and need to look into it more. it certainly does make sense! good call!

  • Jennifer

    LOL–pure evil!

  • Lex the mom

    Evil pumpkin! That cracked me up, too. My daughter is with you on the original candy corns! Sugar & honey in a little cone shape. She loves 'em! They make so many different flavors today – I tried the candy apple (or something like that) and they weren't too bad.

  • Kristen Andrews

    Evil pumpkin and darn it for being so loud, if no one is looking just use your hand and scoop away! Just kidding this is coming from a germ freak.

  • Kristen Andrews

    Evil pumpkin and darn it for being so loud, if no one is looking just use your hand and scoop away! Just kidding this is coming from a germ freak.

  • jewelstreet

    Lol. Such a funny post. I have known many an evil pumpkin in my life.

  • BoufMom9

    LOL! I have a jar of M&M's that calls to me all day long too. Darn evil jars!Happy FFF!

  • J'Ollie Primitives

    You take the pumpkin ones.I’ll take the chocolate ones.Together we will destroy the evil pumpkin by eating its contents and forever destroying its purpose.Until somebody fills it with Hershey’s Kisses. Then all bets are off.

  • Nanny Goats In Panties

    Awesome! The quintessence of observational humor!

  • Gill – That British Woman

    I luckily hate those candies, you should pop by my blog tomorrow to see my post on chocolate, now that is my weekness.Gill in Canada

  • Eudea-Mamia

    Hmmmm – mine’s filled with Cheez-its. A festive orange and loads of salt. Doesn’t get any better.Em

  • Jen

    I know evil pumpkins like that. I tried putting ours in the closet, it just called louder.

  • Cristin

    You are so right… the pumpkin ones are the best. Screw the teeny spoon, I’d be diving my filthy mitts right in there!

  • C.S. Perry

    All Pumpkins are evil.And, as for he Great Pumpkin, well…I’m not saying if he exists or not but I sat up in that pumpkin patch all night and I didn’t see a Damn thing.

  • This Mom

    We have an Evil Pumpkin but it is staying in the closet this year because I am DETERMINED to avoind candy and stay on tract with diet.I am going into a cave on the 31st.

  • christie

    SO funny!I agree…so, so evil.

  • my2boyz

    I have the same evil pumpkin at my office only it holds mini chocolate bars!

  • Carrie

    Oh, I with you on the candy corn. I totally blame the pumpkin, calling to you, wooing you over.

  • Kimberly

    My office is trying to kill me too with that evilness.

  • Los

    Halloween … the season of candy overdosing … I love it!

  • L.R. M-J

    Haaaaa….T’s mom brought a bag over. They sit in a drawer and we take out ONE serving each (2 candy corns) and savour a teeny, tiny taste of Halloween….yep, witness true restraint my friend, true restraint!

  • EmBee

    Really?*I’m saying that in my finest Chandler Bing impersonation.*I’m not much of a candy corn fan, but I’ll take a Hershey Dark mini bar any day of the week.

  • ~Sheila~

    Hey! Thanks for coming by!!I would have taken one look at that pumpkin on day 1 and realized I would have had to bring my own baggie of candy corn.Of course, I’m not a big candy corn fan so let’s make it gummie bears. (they are less noisy). And since we are making it gummie bears…IT’S A MONSTER SIZE BAG and not one of those “fun size” cause what the heck is that??? We all know there really isn’t any FUN in those “fun sized” bags of anything!

  • Mama Dawg

    Sigh, yes, I hear that evil siren’s call this time of year, too. Damn candy corn.

  • Nina

    Isn’t office candy great. Hehe…

  • honkeie2

    I have that same problem with this bar down the street from me. I swear I can hear beer cans popping open at any give time of the day! But it is time to tell the pumpkin who is the boss and eat all of his insides! That will show him!

  • Rhea

    haha Definitely an evil pumpkin, taunting you all day. :o )

  • Darrin

    UGH! I hate this time of year in the office! Evil pumpkins, jars, coffee cans, bowls, and canisters EVERYWHERE!!!!