Crackberry Friday: A Tranquil Setting

Isn’t this pretty? This is the Schuylkill (SKOO-kil) River. It is one of two rivers that flow through the Philadelphia area. This section happens to be next to my office building in a town called West Conshohocken (go ahead and try to say it). This is where we stand when we are chased out of the buiding by fire drills.
Have you heard of Boat House Row in Philadelphia? If you’ve ever watched a game with the Eagles in it they show that section of the river where the boathouses are outlined in lights. You know you’ve seen it. This river is part of the same one.
I took this pic with my handy Crackberry because I loved how the water was reflecting the trees. This river is almost always this peaceful. Even when it the current is swift it still just flows. I should really go out more and take advantage of this scene.