When things Fall Into Place…Instead of Apart

It is a good thing. 

Awhile back I started this blog and I was crazy about writing and posting and following and then … I hit a wall.  Work got crazy, I had to work more hours at the Lottery Yarn and I stopped blogging.  I never stopped to ask myself why.  Looking back, I think that was wrong.

I loved writing and loved the new community.  Why did I stop?  I felt like I ran out of time.  The thing is, I didn’t run out of time, I ran out of time for me.  I was setting aside time for my job, my second job, cleaning, cooking, errands but I set no time aside for me.  Maybe that is why I am so cranky.

So I started again.  I did not put a ton of pressure to blog daily but I did find myself thinking about writing again.  The little spot in my brain that enjoyed it woke up and wanted to work.

Then, the comments started to roll back in, not as many as before but there are some lovely bloggers that remembered me.  Then I saw that SITS  was in Philadelphia and although it was sold out, I sent an email to be on the waiting list.  Then, a friend told me a should be a writer (yes, I have heard it before but at this time, it worked with the falling into place thing) after reading what I wrote in my blog.  Then, I was offered a ticket to the SITS conference.  I was able to wrangle a day off from Lottery Yarn and


There is me, going to a social media conference to network and learn how to love my blog more through all sorts of ways.  I am excited about meeting Kathy, Tiffany and Francesca.  I have known them for awhile on line and I get to meet them in person.  I am excited to take this writing thing to the next level and I hope you will come along for the ride. :)

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16794387734217000502 Los

    That's awesome! Tell mama Kat I said hi!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/05641588440667117440 Michelle

    glad that you have started again! and welcome back :)

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06711444501122106452 moogie

    Dear Scargosun,
    You are the only person out there who “gets it.” Re: Doggie doo and doggie don't.
    The article was not about liking dogs or not liking dogs.
    It was about being lied to by false advertising.
    Thanks again,