Crackberry Friday: Peter is 35!

So tired from being an old man. ;)

Peter has this thing about his age. He had a difficult time with 30. So much so that we actually had his surprise party AFTER he turned 30 because otherwise he would have been saying “I’m not 30 yet, blah, blah, blah” all night. Seriously, that is what he did for 6 months leading up to it. Now he is 35 and he seems ok with it. I am not sure if it’s because he has come to terms with it or if it’s because he knows he can still act like a 12 year old. Anyway, we are off to a lovely dinner tonight with his parents. I got him a cute card, chocolate covered pretzels and

Warhammer: Battleground for XBox 360.

Yeah, I am a glutton for punishment. The geeks guys at the game store were pretty impressed that I bought it for him. For about 5 minutes I was a cool wife.

  • Jen

    Happy Birthday. Peter. Hope its a good day.

  • kccat

    Happy bday to Peter. I was a cool wife once when I played World of Warcraft with my hubby. Gaming geeks at the store were very impressed.

  • Jennifer

    Happy Bday to your hubby! LOve the pic of the 2 nappers!!

  • leezee52

    Happy B-Day too! Very cute photo!Have a great week-end!Lee :)

  • BS5 Blogger

    ‘Geeks ‘ in small type – you are funny! :)

  • Lindsay

    Happy Birthday Mr. Scargosun! That picture looks like my husband and our dog Molly after he’s had a long night of drinking. She always stands by her man :)

  • Lori

    How funny! It’s a dog’s life, huh?

  • Susie

    It’s sounds like he had a great birthday:-)

  • Searching

    Youth is to be enjoyed and savoured – 35 is but a few footsteps into enlightenment.Searching x

  • Trooper Thorn

    Jeez, pretty worn out for 35. You may have to spring for a blood transfusion when he turns 40. Nothing says “I Love You” like an IV.

  • Kristen Andrews

    I had a hard time w/ 30 also but now it doesn’t bother me. The big 40 will be hard though.