Crackberry Will Be Delayed

I am going to attempt to take a pic from the road and post it. We’ll see how that goes.

I am tying up loose ends here in the office and will be out of here ASAP. I need to hit Lottery Yarn for my oh so grand paycheck then home to pack the car.

I plan on blogging while I am on vaca and the posts may be dreamy or a little off depending on the state of mind I am in or the state of inoxication. :) I’ll be trying to Twitter too.

  • Muffy Willowbrook

    Looking forward to posts driven by mood altering substances… :-)

  • Mrs. Parks

    Have a good time and don’t spend that paycheck all in one place!

  • asthmagirl

    So where are you going? Send pics!

  • Judy Haley

    enjoy your vacation and don’t think about us too much

  • Dirty White boy

    you sound like shan, he has to stop, pull over, take a photo. drives me nuts. when i drive, i just say, take a pic through the window. he insists isnt the same thing. somehow im not caring.

  • Suburbia

    Hope your holiday is perfect!