Best Laid Plans or What Do I Do Now?

I should just stop trying to plan more than a week ahead when it comes to life. Something always pops up and for some reason lately I have not been very good at adjusting to the flow…


I have never been good at adjusting to the flow but I digress. It seems like lately every time I plan out my meals or exercise regime for more than a week, something happens to drastically screw everything up. Take this week for example, I was looking forward to getting back on track with my morning workouts. I had been fighting allergies/summer cold/crap for about 2 weeks. I get up out of bed on Monday morning and go out with the dogs for their walk and then my run. Dear sweet M-dog decides he wants to jump after another dog which leads me to falling down and rolling my ankle…it was not a small roll, I got the sickening pop you hear when you know you are in for a good deal of swelling. I was probably just about as far from my house as you can get on our normal route. I got up and limped home with the dogs and my ankle swelled to the point where it looked like I swallowed half a tennis ball and it ended up on my ankle.

So, no run, no elliptical no cardio really for me. I was able to at least walk the dogs this morning but it was obvious that I could not run or really do a lot of pressure on it. So this interrupts my long term plan of being in better shape before my vacation in a month. I know I still have a month but a couple pounds have popped up out of (almost) nowhere too and so I feel like I am losing a battle here.

I think the lesson here is that I need to be more flexible and more prepared to be flexible. I see the lesson in the syllabus but I don’t see me learning it. Seriously, I am actually frowning as I am writing this, like a gumpy old man that needs to switch from rabbit ears to a digital converter box. How am I going to do this?

  • BS5 Blogger

    Hey, that doesn't sound so sunny? Now sometimes shit just happens so maybe you could plan as you have, but allow for a little bit of flex and space for the unknown? It's about how you react , not only what happens? Happier days to you….

  • Snooty Primadona

    I always just hate it when I hurt myself. No one to blame. At least you have a dog to blame.

    Do watch for more pain than there should be. That is EXACTLY how my daughter developed a blood clot in her leg & ended up having to give herself shots for a month or two, then 6 months of rehab for the leg. It was pretty scary & her Dr. in L.A. totally missed it even when she kept complaining of pain…

  • Los

    Ouch! That really stinks, Scargosun. Did the dogs at least look like they felt bad for what happened?

  • Eric

    I think it’s the best idea to plan workouts even if its for just a weeks time so you still to it. Also you can never plan for an injury and even thought it may not be what you want in the short term, its best to let it heal properly. But if you have workouts scheduled and you cant due to your ankle, id suggest to do a different workout for your core/arms/shoulders/ect. You should never feel guilty not fulfilling your workout schedule to to unforeseen circumstances like this. Just roll with it and figure out another way to stay active that will let your ankle heal at the same time.