No I am Not…


Darn you Carrie!

Will post anew asap. My work computer is updating and the estimated time is flippin 8 hours.

BTW, my twitter explains the vast amounts of wine consumed this weekend. If I was preggers, I would not be doing this.

  • BS5 Blogger

    Hi there!How are you? Cor, that was a shouty old post!Are you a bit arrrrgggh! today? :)

  • I hate Boyd.

    ‘dressed as mariners’, lmfao.

  • Candid Carrie

    Sorry. I was just trying to prove a theory. I guess people do read other peoples comments. I had no idea. I guess I’ll be more careful. Or a better liar.

  • Muffy Willowbrook

    ACK!!!You best not be preggars!Ugh…I better not drink your water just to be safe.

  • gaining some lb's

    OMg so when are you due????Dont lie…you are preggers arent you?peace#2

  • Böbø

    Sorry! If you’re not pregnant was the answer, what was the question again??

  • Suburbia

    I wasn’t sure whether to mention it when I read that comment the other day! Are you sure?!!

  • Mrs. Parks

    Carrie SAID!I already had a blogger name picked out for the baby….Scargosunson.Catchy huh?

  • Los

    That reminds me – when we were in Napa last year, I kept asking if anyone knew where the Boone’s Farm was.

  • Queen Mommy

    Well then, that is good, right?Sounds like a GRAND weekend!

  • Lula!

    You’re on Twitter? WHY aren’t you following me? WNY aren’t I following you?I’m Lula34, by the way.