As the Holiday Weekend Draws to a Close


Hullabaloo tagged me and since I have not posted (except on Twitter) since Saturday, I’ll gove it a go.

BTW…I am in a bad mood because I now have poison ivy from the flipping back garden.

Five Bad Habits (so MANY to choose from!)

1. I am always right.
2. I play with my rings; take them off put them on, using only the fingers on the hand the ring is on. Very dangerous.
3. I stress over entertaining (and most other things in life) in an very unhealthy way. Probably not good that I am planning a garden party for 200 for work currently.
4. I am VERY impatient…see number 3.
5. I play on the interwebs at work.

I will add people to tag tomorrow. Right now I need to put some anti-itch cream on my lovely hell plant rash. GRRRR!

  • Mrs. Parks

    O mannnn, I can’t believe you have poison ivy…Does it itch like the chicken pox? Is it all over?How long does it last? Can you put anything on it?That sucks.

  • MissKris

    I share numbers 3 and 5 with you. I also hate being put on hold or having to wait in line for ANYTHING!! Sorry about the poison ivy…that is sooooooo miserable! Hope you get to feeling better soon. I used to work with a gal who was so allergic to poison oak that all she had to do was breathe in the spoors…not even come in actual contact with it…and she’d be covered with hives. I have never seen a person in more itch-misery than her in my life!!!

  • Snooty Primadona

    Maybe you should be my daughter. You’re a lot more like me than she is, lol.