Small Grrr: Warming Up the Car

This has bothered me for quite some time. I live in Southeastern PA. We are not living on the frozen tundra nor are we living in a place that even resembles one. So please tell me why if you don’t have an infant or a sick child or an elderly infirm person getting into your car at 7:00am do you feel the need to ‘warm up’ your car?

Today it was about 40 degrees when I was out walking G-dog. Not freezing, barely cold but as I was walking by houses I saw many cars with their engines running in the driveways. I know these homes. I walk by them EVERY morning. I know they don’t have elderly people or infants getting in those cars in the morning so WHY must they ‘warm up’ their cars EVERY DAY?

Did you know that it is illegal to have your car idling for more than 5 minutes in some states? You can be ticketed for it. Also, most car manuals will tell you NOT to do it as it does the car no good. Basically, all you are doing when you leave your car running that that is wasting gas and contributing to greenhouse gasses. I mean seriously, do these people not own coats or gloves? Is 5 minutes of cold going to kill them while the car runs as they are driving to their destination? I think not.

The next time I see this happen and it is not cold and there are no infants or elderly people in the home, I am going to leave a note on their car asking why they feel the need to do this. Maybe it will shame them into toughening up just a tiny bit.

  • kccat

    If you do it, I love to hear about their reaction. I’m to the west of you and it’s always 30-40 degrees here in the morning and we never warm up our cars. The only time we do it is if its absolutely freezing out and we do it while we are shoveling all the snow off the cars. That’s it. I agree that its adding to the pollution and wasting gas. Put your hats, gloves and coats on people, it’s not spring yet.

  • TSannie

    I’m with you – do let us know the reactions.

  • Los

    There are some mornings, when the temp is in the teens when I wish I would’ve warmed up my car.

  • Margo

    I agree, it’s idiotic.

  • Suburbia

    That’s very selfish! I hardly ever see anyone doing that here, even when it’s really cold. I hope you let them know!!

  • Mama Dawg

    Oh, if you do it, let us know.

  • heartacheorheartburn

    I can’t even imagine warming up the car. Especially because to warm up the car you have to walk outside. You get cold when you walk outside. Unless of course someone warmed up the outside air for you before you walked out into it. Seriously, just get in the car, crank up the heat, and leave.

  • Mom2FiveBratz

    My husband warms up our expedition when its been a little cold out (I say little because i live in the deep south) because he says you have to because something can freeze up. Im not sure what that means, mainly because i wasnt paying attention. I do know if its been cold out and we dont start the expedition for a few days, the battery will be dead. (we have a truck he uses daily) maybe there is some truth to what he was trying to tell me?

  • L.R. M-J

    Forget leaving a note….turn the car off and throw the keys in the mailbox with a note….oh and please film reactions for our internet pleasure! mwah ha ha…

  • asthmagirl

    I can’t believe they’re unaware… But you’re right, it’s not good for the air quality. Not that I worry about that… :-)