Scargosun’s Grudge Classification System

I have often wondered what constitutes a grudge as opposed to an unpleasant memory of a person. Grudge is a very negative word and I would hate to be harboring unneeded negativity. I mean that movie was pretty scary (I’m told, you know I don’t watch that) and there were like icky demon-like things associated with it. Are these what grudges look like on our soul? If so I am in trouble. Maybe if I classify my grudges I can reduce the amount of soot on my soul.

Scargosun’s Grudge Classification System
Large Scale Grudge(LSG):
You cannot help but think of revenge when you think of this person. You look for the karma bus to hit them repeatedly about the head and upper torso. They don’t go away and they don’t get downgraded.
Scargosun LSG Count: 2 maybe 3

Medium Scale Grudge (MSG):
You rarely think about these people. They come up in conversation or in a memory of something related. You don’t wish harm upon them every time you think of them but you don’t wish them well either. If you see them in public, brief bursts of LSG feelings might surface but will abate. These grudges can be downgraded over time.
Scargosun MSG Count: 1
*note – ironically enough I actually hold MSG – the additive as an MSG after I feel the effects. I know it’s not a person but I thought of it in this way as soon as I started the discription.

Small Scale Grudge (SSG):
These are grudges that can almost be classified as just bad memories. You are able to look at them in perspective and learn from the events that caused the grudge. What makes them different from a bad memory is that you hold onto it in a negative way still rather than just moving on. SSG’s are bad because if you are not careful, they can upgrade rather than downgrade depending on the state of your mind and the number of Prozac left in the bottle.
Scargosun SSG Count: @10

Temporary Grudge (TG):
These are temporary and most of the time go away on their own. In rare cases if provoked enough (constant contact with person who caused it, repeated reminders of person by others, etc) it can be upgraded to any of the grudges on the scale. Temporary grudges are the worst because they can just happen for small reasons that can be blown out of proportion (a perceived slight by friends or co-workers, an email tone interpreted in the wrong way, a reminder of another grudge or bad memory, etc). Most of the time, these grudges pass by the wayside and become bad memories. However, if you let them fester under the guise of not wanting to deal with it or giving it time, they can get worse quickly hurting people and friendships.
Scargosun TG Count: @ 5

I wrote this out of both amusing and sad things that were brought to my attention this week. One involved Facebook and my inability to friend someone because that person dumped me the day after I bought a prom dress to go to their prom in high school (SSG).

The other is the sad one and as Forrest Gump says, “That’s all I have to say about that.”

  • my2boyz

    Oh facebook…know what is worse? Being deleted as a friend on FB, it happended to me last week…just because there was a heated dicussion about politics and one of my other FB friends made a very sarcastic remark! So I guess the last 24 years of our frined ship is over???? UGH!!! Can I say high school????? I will have to think about what catagory I would put her in!!!

  • Tami

    You said it perfectly and I would say that my grudges fall into your exact categories!And, yes, I too have been deleted as a “friend” and it just makes me laugh – we are NOT in high school anymore – THANK GOD!

  • Los

    I’ve had only a few LSG’s – the most memorable (or unmemorable, I guess) was a close friend of mine who went out with a girl I was interested in behind my back … we didn’t talk for at least 3 years … somehow, we finally got over it.

  • Muffy Willowbrook

    ooooh…the prom story is awful! I do like your levels of grudes though – you hit the nail on the head!

  • Kristen Andrews

    I am a hug Grudge carrier and as I age have been trying to work on that, I have the memory of an elephant so it is hard!

  • American in Norway

    I love how you broke em down….Hope you are feeling ok & not actually thinking about pushing someone in front of a bus OVER …& OVER… (sorry …I had to giggle)

  • Lula!

    You have done it again. First the island.Now the Grudge Classification System.You are amazing. You are a genius. Why aren’t you being published for all the world to read?“And that’s all I have to say about that.”

  • asthmagirl

    Brilliant!I like the fact that your system is so well defined. I think you could maybe add “might as well be dead to me” in which you don’t even care if the Karma bus mows them down over and over. Not that I know anyone I’d put in that catagory!Sorry about the face book thing… yikes!

  • honkeie2

    I dont do FB but I did have an ass from the past try to ‘Friend’ me on myspace. I still use his face as a motivator when I am working out…..ass!